When Is the Best Time to Purchase a Used Car

There are certain times of the year that are great times to purchase a car. Dealerships normally offer special incentives on holidays, like presidential holidays and end of the year holidays. The cyclical nature of these promotions give you ample opportunities to research and decide on your favorite vehicle.

Buying a car at the right time could save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Negotiating isn't always the best way to get a good deal, and you could spend hours at the dealership handling negotiations. It's hardly worth it. Plan your purchase accordingly, it could save you a lot of hassle.

Patience is a Virtue

Buying a car at the end of any period almost always yields a better result. Sometimes even waiting until the end of the day gives you an advantage because employees are ready to go home. Terms of sale are more flexible when they're trying to wrap up negotiations quickly.

You can also find better deals if you buy used cars at the end of the month. Use the dealer's monthly sales quotas to your advantage. Dealers will work hard to meet these goals. When salespeople have bonuses dependent on their quota, they may be willing to lose money on a car just to get that bonus.

Waiting until the end of the quarter also yields results because quarterly sales goals are harder to obtain. If a dealer is in a pinch at the end of March, June, September, or December, you can take advantage of that negotiating power.

Last Model Year

About the time new models come out is a great time to shop for a car. Dealers are working hard to make room on the lot for new inventory, and want to sell out of the old inventory as quickly as possible. Even if the car is still brand new, last year's models are significantly marked down once the new year's models come in.

New models debut in the fall, so right around back to school time or Labor Day is the perfect time to start shopping. Dealerships offer heavy discounts for any old models still on the lot. While the new model may be significantly upgraded, you're still getting a brand new car at a reduced price, which makes it worth it for most.

Holiday Weekends

Labor Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Thanksgiving weekends are other good times to shop around for cars. Often, dealerships have huge blowouts on holiday weekends to take advantage of people out and about, causing increasing traffic volumes.

Special financing, cash back deals, and other dealer incentives make purchasing a car on a holiday weekend well worth dealing with the bustle of the car lot. If you're willing to sacrifice your holiday weekend to test driving cars and signing paperwork, you could save thousands.

The Digital Age

We are fast approaching a time when you can complete your entire car-buying transaction online. You can obtain financing, settle on a price, and choose your color and trim level. You may still want to go to the dealership to test drive the vehicle and inspect it in person, but if you are unable to do so, most of the time you can rely on the dealer's reputation when it comes to buying a car sight unseen.

Used cars websites offer an easy way to take advantage of online purchasing by displaying inventory listings, giving you access to the financing center, and making your experience personable, even if you're not transacting in person.

Dealerships are driven to move inventory quickly, so at all costs, they're willing to do just that. Operating an online business is one of the ways they leverage vehicle sales as efficiently as possible.

Knowing when to shop can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new or used car. Taking advantage of discounts, markdowns, old models, and times of the year will put you in the driver's seat faster and easier than ever.

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